Quasar Sapphire 2Blue™ *Discontinued* 2 Compact 200mW Blue Lasers

Quasar Sapphire 2Blue™ *Discontinued* 2 Compact 200mW Blue Lasers

The Quasar Sapphire 2Blue™ is two palm-sized laser units with absolutely astounding performance. These two lasers produce an impressive range of graphic effects and can be joined by a simple 3 metre signal jack cable or run Independently which can cover the entire venue. All this comes in a robust and stylish custom fit flightcase for easy trasportation. Ideal for mobile DJs, static pubs and clubs where space is at a premium.

Model No: L06107
Laser Diodes: 2 x 200mW Blue
Deflection angle: ±18°
Laser Class: 3b
Controls: NO
Master slave: YES
Linkable: YES
LED display: NO
Internal programmes: Auto,
Sound operation: YES
Construction: Lightweight steel
Mounting: Roof mounted brackets
Connections: UK Mains plug and captive cable, 3m signal jack
Power requirements: 240v AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions WxDxH: 131mm x 155mm x 71mm Lasers 265mm x 182mm x 200mm Flightcase
Weight: 1.4kg (each laser)
EAN: 5060304950437

Performance Lasers

LANTA LASERS recent advances have reduced the costs of Lasers, made them more portable and brought improved performance and reliability. With step and animation lasers in multi and single colour formats that are ideal for anyone from mobile DJs to static venues, Lanta promise Lasers that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Designed in the UK

LANTA LIGHTING is based in Northampton, UK. Our engineers spend their time designing new and exciting products and work closely with our factories to ensure our products meet our stringent quality standards.

Atmosphere and Effects

LEDs make a fantastic contribution to the global move towards reduced carbon production. They use a tenth or less of the electrical power of traditional lighting, produce little heat but offer extra benefits such as multi-colour output. This can significantly reduce the number of fixtures required in a theatre or club.


Quasar Sapphire 2Blue™ *Discontinued*


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FAQ Videos

Our dedicated team of UK engineers and technicians at Lanta Lighting are going to be continually adding helpful videos that will answer some of the questions we are asked. Keep your eye out for the FAQ videos in the coming months.