Nebula Smoke 1000™ *Discontinued* 1000w Smoke Machine

Nebula Smoke 1000™ *Discontinued* 1000w Smoke Machine

More suited to larger venues than compact models, the Nebula Smoke 1000™ provides that extra boost of smoke that is sometimes needed from a 1000w motor. Operated from the supplied wired or wireless remote, users can floor, desk or truss mount the unit out of the way. Lanta Smoke Fluid works especially well in the unit giving dense smoke at the press of a button.

Model No: L03132
Heater: 1000W
Warm up time: 8 minutes
Control: Wired and Wireless Remote
Output: 10000 cu.ft/min
Tank Capacity: 1.5 Litre
Connections: UK Mains plug and captive cable
Power requirements: 240v AC 50/60Hz
Mounting: Floor, Desk or detachable yoke bracket
Construction: Lightweight Steel
Dimensions WxDxH: 265mm x 425mm x 235mm
Weight: 3.5Kg
Recommended Fluid: SMOKE
EAN: 5060304950369

Atmospheric Effects

LANTA EFFECTS are the answer to enhance the impact of lighting effects, or create statements on their own. Whether you need an almost invisible haze to make lasers dazzle, a swirl of delicate snowflakes, sparkling bubbles that cascade like leaves or dramatic bursts of smoke to liven the production, Lanta has something to offer. There’s even specialist fluids that will make any model perform even better and enhance service life.

Designed in the UK

LANTA LIGHTING is based in Northampton, UK. Our engineers spend their time designing new and exciting products and work closely with our factories to ensure our products meet our stringent quality standards.

Recommended Fluid

Please be aware that using inferior fluid or incorrect fluid can damage the unit and may invalidate your warranty! We would highly recommend that you use our  Smoke, Snow, Bubble & Haze Fluids as they have been extensively tested with these products for maximum effect and a longer life for the product.


Nebula Smoke 1000™ *Discontinued*


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FAQ Videos

Our dedicated team of UK engineers and technicians at Lanta Lighting are going to be continually adding helpful videos that will answer some of the questions we are asked. Keep your eye out for the FAQ videos in the coming months.